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Even if you have experienced a “jeep tour” before in another destination, your guests will be amazed at what a difference there is on a four-wheel adventure in Tucson with Trail Dust Offroad. Our Rocking K trail is on a 7,000 acre working ranch and is truly an amazing way to introduce this destination to your group. They will see the most fabulous scenery the Southwest has to offer.

Our drivers are also guides with diverse backgrounds in Native American history, geology and historians. These experienced knowledgeable wranglers will both educate and entertain as they navigate through the natural beauty of the Sonoran desert. You can bet that the sightseeing will be absolutely breathtaking: giant saguaro cacti, many species of cholla and prickly pear cacti, mountain backdrops, spectacular desert wildflowers and Petroglyph rocks. They will be in and out of their jeeps several times for talks and demonstrations and will be able to walk up a mountain of Petroglyphs where they will walk along side the drawings where ancient messages were left by cultures of long ago.  From there they will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Tucson valley.  They will also experience up close and first hand some amazing desert critters (for those not faint-of-heart!).  All in all, it will be an adventure your guests will not soon forget.

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